Alvar Hyvönen

Developer, Redland

I always try to think outside the box when faced with a problem, and I'm not stuck with stale ideas when they're not the solution to the problem at hand. I enjoy a challenge, especially if it demands of me to learn something new in the process. I'm always ready to listen, ready to learn, ready to adapt and come with a can-do attitude. I'm the guy who thinks about coding conventions and making workflows smoother, and I'm not afraid to express my opinions. I want to make a difference.

I've been messing around with computers since I was a kid and the past fifteen years have progressively molded me into a programmer. Most of my coding understanding is from freelance work, but I've also experienced working in a big team of near forty people at a digital service company called Frantic. Our team's responsibility was taking care of Finnair's website and other web presence.

My dream, on this career path, would be to get to work with artificial intelligence. Currently I'm in search of an environment where I could really flourish and grow as a developer. A company that doesn't care where and how I work, as long as I get the job done. A place where I can really put my skills to the test and also have a possibility to try out new things as I acquire a larger skill set.

I'm a family man. I'm really proud of my loving wife, my inspiring kid and ever curious cat. They are my biggest teachers in life. I also enjoy dabbling in pixel art, game development, eastern philosophy and martial arts. I'm currently playing Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup.



My main area of expertise is Front End development, but I also own a Back End skill set. I can handle the Adobe Creative Cloud family, and I'm constantly trying to learn new skills. Currently I'm studying Artificial Intelligence and Python, and my near-future plan is to strengthen my knowledge of Node.js. Within the next few years I would like to learn Java and look into C++.

WordPress and the LAMP stack are in my repertoire (though the configuration of Apache & NGINX is best left for someone wiser), and I'm currently developing on the WP-palvelu platform for Redland Oy. I also have experience with corporate CMSes, namely Amadeus. I'm not intimidated by terms like AJAX, Vagrant, Webpack, Git, touch screens, web accessibility and responsive web design. I really enjoy the words coding convention and documentation. I'm also familiar with Chrome extensions, I've had a brush with Bootstrap, and I'm comfortable working with Foundation 6. I've worked under Scrums and I do my best to support browsers from IE9 to infinity.

Development Knowledge

Studying | Comfortable | Confident
Studying Comfortable Confident
Angular 2.0 Angular 2.0
BASH Scripting BASH Scripting
Composer Composer
FreeMarker FreeMarker
Git Git
Grunt Grunt
JavaScript ES6 JavaScript ES6
jQuery jQuery
JSDoc & phpDoc JSDoc & phpDoc
{{mustache}} {{mustache}}
Node.js Node.js
Python Python
RegExp RegExp
TypeScript TypeScript
Vagrant Vagrant
Vue.js 2.0 Vue.js 2.0
Vue/Quasar FW Vue/Quasar FW
Webpack Webpack
WordPress WordPress
WP/DustPress WP/DustPress
WP/Multisites WP/Multisites
WP/Polylang WP/Polylang
WP/Sage 9 WP/Sage 9
Yarn & npm Yarn & npm

... and I've also used these JavaScript libraries:

baguetteBox.js, blueimp Gallery, GreenSock, Hammer.js, Instafeed.js, Isotope, List.js, Lodash, Masonry.js, Menucool's_JIS, ProgressBar.js, Rot.js, Velocity.js

Book Recommendations

Eloquent JavaScript
by Marijn Haverbeke

JavaScript Enlightenment
by Cody Lindley

JavaScript: The Good Parts
by Douglas Crockford

Tool Recommendations
a Web Browser for Cross-device Development

Sublime Text
a Sophisticated Text Editor



Site example screenshot

A big WordPress multisite currently in production, but also actively developed with additional features. Built on DustPress, with multiple languages solved by PolyLang, and Foundation as its Front End framework. It currently has around 10 sites, including:,, Designed by co-workers, developed by yours truly.

Site example screenshot

A theatre group's website built on WordPress, with a custom template written from the ground up. They needed a modern site, which really helps the users access the latest information about their productions. We had a lot of fun planning the design and it was a great opportunity for me to really get to know WordPress.

Site example screenshot

A former version of the theatre group's site. No fancy stuff here, just some old school HTML tricks and cool web design. ;-)

Site example screenshot

I spent half a year working at Frantic, doing work for Finnair. There are a lot of nooks and crannies I worked on, but also more visible stuff like events (with underlying AJAX calls) and the Hold My Booking landing page. With the latter in mind, I worked on the display logic and responsiveness, but also on more interesting logic underneath with FreeMarker that controls the content shown there and other sections of the site. Working at Frantic was a great experience and I learned a lot during my stay there. All content belongs to Finnair Plc.

Site example screenshot

My old portfolio. A bit of playing around with JavaScript, and different color templates. Here to remind myself how far I've come.

Game example screenshot

A game I'm currently working on. Basic logic is ready and some of the animation only works on WebKit browsers (for now). Keys: HJKL&space, or swipes and click. Touchscreen compatible (Hammer.js).

Example screenshot

A mockup of a vendor's shopping cart, currently with basic functionality.

Example screenshot

An elevator simulator written in JavaScript. Fool around with the buttons and press start!


Curriculum Vitae

Employment History
2017- Developer, Redland
2009- Developer, Freelance
2016-2017 Developer, Geniem
2016 Developer Trainee, Frantic [cert]
2015-2016 IT-support, Vantaan Tanssiopiston Tuki Ry
2011-2014 Customer service & NVIDIA/ASUS sales rep., Oyj
2010-2011 Salesperson & cashier, Oyj
2009-2010 Web operator, Destia Oy & Buuma Oy
2008 Porter, Visanka Yhtiöt Oy
2008 Computer installations, Isoworks / a Fujitsu company
2007 Graphic designer & IT-support, Kuvatapio / Mikenova Oy
2007 Customer service, Level7 Gaming Cafe / Game Community Finland Oy

2016- udemy: Angular 2.0 with TypeScript [link]
2015 HarvardX CS50x [cert]
2009 High-School